22 nov

Nutcracker - open innovation

Far too little use is made of creative students in generating business and innovation power. We want to change that!

In Nutcracker, as a student you can play an important part in creating added value for both university and business life in terms of innovation. Nutcracker provides the foundation for you to become a fully-fledged open innovation professional.

Nutcracker: How it works
4-5 companies from the business community in the region ask questions during a two-hour session. As a student, you help the company find an innovative/creative solution to the problem. You work with random groups of 6-8 participants. You are provided with net-based software to support the process and need to take your own laptop or pad with you.
After the process the company selects a winning team to work with their problem. Winners to be provided with an in-depth presentation of the company at a suitable later date. This is an excellent opportunity to make contact with the business community in terms of thesis work and future employment – who know what might happen?!

If you join up with Nutcracker you will receive a certificate saying you have participated in this important exchange of innovative development and ideas with the business community. (A valuable document to include on your CV!)

We provide lunch for all at the Nutcracker session – even if you are allergic to nuts.

NB. This session will take a maximum 40 participants – first come, first served! Registration is bindning.

Welcome to Nutcracker!
Please contact vaxjo@drivhuset.se

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