Videum AB - A development company, a science park and a real estate business on the forefront om technology

Videum’s role is to support the establishment of new businesses in Växjö. That is why we claim to be the development company of Växjö municipality. Videum was founded in 1986 and provides both small and large tenants with modern and flexible facilities at Campus.

University and science park

At Videum we do more than just manage properties. We take pride in developing the science park concept. Approximately 70 businesses and organisations representing over 350 employees are currently important parts in the development process at Videum Science Park. Linnaeus University is Videum’s largest tenant. The science park also offers conference facilities and meeting rooms, primarily for our tenants but also available to others.

The innovative ecosystem of Växjö

Videum plays an active role in the development of a unique campus, where education, research and enterprise come together in an attractive environment which offers opportunities for work and studies as well as housing and recreation. We offer a physical environment with exciting modern architecture, green surroundings and many permanent works of art.

Business concept

Videum’s business concept is to utilize the scientific environment for development and growth in and around the Linnaeus University in Växjö. This means that Videum is actively involved in developing new ideas.

We do this by providing the best possible conditions for ideas to blossom and be realized. Videum has an active role in stimulating a knowledge-based, sustainable growth in the entire region. For example, Videum and the Linneaus University coorganize seminars and network meetings where students, researchers and companies meet.

Our vision

Videum’s vision is to create the region’s leading environment for knowledge enterprises and growth businesses. We will contribute to the continued development of the Linnaeus University and invest in increased growth in the region of Southern Småland.

Mission statement

Ideas are born where people meet is Videum’s motto. We continuously create new meeting places for businesses at Videum Science Park, and for people at Linnaeus University in Växjö.