Videum AB

Videum contributes to a growing business community by developing meeting places for knowledge exchange and providing service around flexible office premises.

Videum has been working since 1986 to create a dynamic knowledge environment for business development, students and research on the campus area in Växjö. In a sustainable way, we own and manage properties for Linnaeus University, the office and meeting environment on Framtidsvägen and Teleborg Castle.

Videum is part of Växjö municipality and will contribute to fulfilling Växjö municipality's vision and goal that the municipality will grow, develop and be attractive to live and work in for people and business.

Our motto is Ideas are born where people meet.

Video's property portfolio

Videum's property area amounts to 33 hectares in the Teleborg district in Växjö. The property portfolio is approximately 107,000 square meters divided into 30 buildings. About 85,000 sqm are rented by Linnaeus University. The area for the innovation environment, office and meeting rooms on Framtidsvägen amounts to 15,000 sqm spread over four buildings. The other sqm consists of Teleborgs Slott with Gridstugor and Brygghus and Slottsstallarna.

All newer properties have been built both cost-effectively and with environmental solutions for long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. We have modern technology with which we monitor and optimize heat, water and electricity. Property operations are managed by our property staff with the support of procured contractors.

Videum has photovoltaic systems in 5 different buildings. During 2021, production reached 200 MWh. We have been environmentally certified for 10 years according to the requirements of the Swedish Environmental Base.