18 maj

Open innovation - e-cracker

Learn to innovate together with others - provide solutions to the municipality’s challenges!

Are you good at hatching ideas, thinking new and rethinking? Do you want to become better at thinking both inside and outside the box? And do it with others? Welcome to e-cracker - a digital version of open innovation. 

How it works
Växjö municipality will ask questions about what attracts students to stay in the city after finishing their studies. You work with random groups of 4-6 participants and are provided with net-based software to support the process. The groups will get one hour to help the municipality find an innovative/creative solution to the problem. 
Växjö municipality selects a winning group who might get the chance to continue 
working with their solutions.

Build your network of contacts and improve your resume
This is an excellent opportunity to make contact with the municipality and other students in terms of thesis work and future employment – who knows what might happen?! At least, you will receive a certificate saying you have participated in this important exchange of innovative development and ideas with the municipality. A valuable document to include on your CV!

DATE Tuesday 18th of May
TIME 11.45-14.00
PLACE Digital on Teams

Register by e-mailing vaxjo@drivhuset.se
The link will be sent to you one day ahead of the event. 
Registration is bindning.

Bild på inbjudan till e-cracker.